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Bucket List Careers

Bucket List Careers

Join host Christa Lauri for Bucket List Careers, a podcast that delves into cool jobs with the people who do them, the HOW behind their pivots, and secrets to successfully monetizing doing what you love.

Christa was a New York-based news anchor, business show host and reporter in the field for years. Now she's made her pivot to share stories that will inspire you to identify your purpose, remove roadblocks, and initiate the launch of your Bucket List Career!

Recent Episodes

Stacey Creem's Path to Painting After Leaving the Law

June 30, 2022

What does it take to go from being a lawyer who paints once a week, to becoming a full-time artist? Stacey Creem shares how she made a midlife pivot, leaving a successful legal career behind to pursue a lifelong passion for…

Mental Health for Moms: Why OBGYN Dr. Tracy Shevell Stopped Practicing to Start Blue Moon Perinatal

June 23, 2022

Dr. Shevell explains her transition from high-risk OBGYN to entrepreneur/advocate for women in their reproductive careers and why providing one-on-one perinatal care matters now more than ever.

Sober Powered: Addiction Expert Gillian Tietz's Transformation of Self and Career

June 16, 2022

A former biochemist turned podcaster talks about conquering addiction, the desire to "people-please"/equate career success with personal worth and achieving professional purpose in a pivot that helps others find and maintain…

When Dollar Signs Don't Cut It: Jamie McDonald's Jump from Hedge Fund Manager to TV Host

May 26, 2022

This episode explores how a pedigreed man with a picture-perfect career on paper or in theory could be after something more, how to transfer skills from one industry to another, and why accessible financial education is so i…

New Age DJ from Marketing Exec: Morgana's Path to Moving People Through Music

May 19, 2022

We explore how Morgana confidently reinvented herself as a DJ in midlife, tapping into her curiosities and talents to take that leap and build a second career.

Skydiving Stuntman Jeff Provenzano on Profiting From His Passion

May 12, 2022

With 19,000 skydives as a professional skydiver/BASE jumper and numerous World Titles and World Records under his belt, Jeff Provenzano details how he transformed a life-long love for the sport into a lucrative dream gig des…

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I'm writing my first blog on my new website for my first podcast in the new year! "First" of all, thank you for reading it - for being here! I am gratefu…