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Bucket List Careers

Bucket List Careers

Join host Christa Lauri for Bucket List Careers, a podcast that delves into cool jobs with the people who do them, the HOW behind their pivots, and secrets to successfully monetizing doing what you love.

Christa was a New York-based news anchor, business show host and reporter in the field for years. Now she's made her pivot to share stories that will inspire you to identify your purpose, remove roadblocks, and initiate the launch of your Bucket List Career!

Recent Episodes

Building Career Organic: Briar Dougherty's Pivot to Solopreneurship

Aug. 11, 2022

This conversation includes actionable tools for dealing with the unique complexities of career change and shares Briar's incredible story of resilience from illness.

Singer Turned Interior Designer: Emily Meszkat Hits a High Note

Aug. 4, 2022

In this episode we unpack another mid-life career pivot that focuses on "getting out of your own way" in your transformation journey, realizing your natural talents and how to reject imposter syndrome for good.

Christa's Takeaways: Resilience & Power of Pushing Through Uncertainty

July 28, 2022

Christa expands on "pivot wisdom" of the last several episodes and breaks down what each guest shared in the ability to navigate fear in the face of life-changing career transitions.

Taking Sales to a Higher Level: Rhonda Petit's Powerful Pivot

July 21, 2022

After job loss and divorce, Rhonda paved an impressive path from 35 years in medical sales to authoring a book and becoming an executive trainer as well as keynote speaker. This episode shares how she helps thousands of peop…

Finance to TV Producer: Hillary Weintraub Finds Professional Authenticity

July 14, 2022

How do you start from scratch in the highly desirable entertainment industry in midlife? Hillary Weintraub talks about the headspace reset that led her to find a career that truly aligns with her personality.

Multiple Careers in Parallel: Mark Herschberg's Formula for Work with Purpose

July 7, 2022

Instead of one, full-time salaried position, Mark Herschberg has found success in his "portfolio career". The appeal? Flexibility, independence, and an ability to pursue passion projects.

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