Season 2 Now Streaming!

I love the STORIES

From someone that loves to listen stories… This podcast is IT!! I enjoy hearing how people have been able to pivot into the careers they love!! Christa is a fantastic host and has the voice for it too!! 5 stars from me!!

good podcast


Inspirational and Riveting

From the minute I started listening to Bucket List Careers, I was hooked. Not only are the career changes of the guests fascinating and varied but they are all inspirational in different ways! The host, Christa Lauri, uses her amazing interviewing skills to tease out wonderful personal journeys from her guests and her wit constantly entertains. Always excited for the next episode to drop!

Dr. Brian Giordano

A riveting interview! Granted a closer look at the intricacies of the medical practices. A fascinating intellectual/personal “ping-pong”! Thank you Christa👍👏


One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

Christa goes Solo!

A dynamic review of ‘21, with overtones of fascinating personal touches! Cheers to more of the same in ‘22, can’t wait Christa!👍👏

Kate Velasquez

Loved this interview, insightful, can’t wait for Kate’s cookbook to be published! Thanks Christa!

Stephanie Hoover Asher

Loved the insights, great interview, Christa!

Geri Page Butner

Geri provides effective tools to empower potential entrepreneurs, very insightful and interesting! Thanks Christa!

Rob Johnson

A real estate sales success story! Insights into „re-fashioning“ (mobile) the traditional approach, a sign of the times! Loved it!

Mandy DiMarzo

An athlete! From suffering from an eating disorder to lighting the way to the ultimate workout, with a message behind it! Need to watch her workouts! Passionate tale! Thanks Christa

Shane Sam

A revolutionary concept, a mission! A fascinating account. Great interview, Christa

Real stories from real people succeeding

Loved the episode with Tammi Pickle of how she got into the family business of matchmaking. You can hear her passion for what she does in the stories she shared. She’s a good nudge for people she feels will be good together.

Jene Luciani

Loved the insights! Great interview, thanks Christa!👏👍

Tracy Wydra- CBD Skincare Line

This interview will prompt further research into this product line, and ultimate purchases! 👍👏

Don’t mind if I Dough

It seemingly takes a good mindset and belief in your product that pave the road to success 👏 Fascinating insights.

Peter Hubbell

Great insights for College Grads! A very helpful interview for young job seekers! Thanks, Christa!👍

Amy Chmelecki/Champion Skydiver

Loved this animated, fascinating exchange! What an amazing career, and thanks for featuring this rare insight, Christa!👍👏

Everipe/Kerry Roberts

What a great concept! Looking into ordering! Loved the storyline!


Was spellbound by this podcast!! Great exchange, Christa!

Tracy Nathanson

And her meaningful pivot from Broadcast Journalism to Mom and her role of Walk and Talk Therapist! A novel approach to therapy! According to Nancy, it takes self awareness and baby steps to get there! Fascinating interview!

Pet Rescue Pilots/ Founder Julian Javor

How a passion for flying became a mission to help rescue pets! Fascinating and heart warming! Great life story!

From Auto Mechanic to Medical Doctor in his 40ties

This episode is singularly impressive and inspirational! Great interview.

Segued from Football to Fashion

All it takes is “A Vision” and “Intellectual Curiosity”! Loved this episode.

Food Show Host Rob Petrone

Such a colorful personality, multifaceted “doer”! Great insights!!!

Jeff Hammer/Mindset

It starts with the “inner” journey! A roadmap to rebooting your life! Fascinating!


Gave me valuable insights, thanks!


Starting listening and didn’t stop! Great content!


Inspirational interview, great energy!

This is a Must!

Brilliant, fascinating personality! Great interview!

Fun listen

Christa is always worth a listen , funny and always interesting..

Informative and Inspiring!

If you’re looking for an informative and inspiring Podcast, this is it! Easy to listen to and very insightful.

Very Inspirational!!!!

It is so full of incredible stories and great information to help you take that next step to living your best life possible.

An inspiring listen

Came here for the School of Rock story of the Ridders, but found myself interested & inspired to listen to more. Christa is an engaging host who really helps elevate the presentation of these moving stories.

Inspiring and informative!

This podcast has helped me so much with career advice and considering what’s the best option for me.

Great stuff

I changed careers at 47 and while I wouldn’t call going from sportswriter to PR professional a Bucket List move it has given my family security. That isn’t always a box to check for people in career change, but was for me. This podcast is one all who contemplate a change should check out. Christa is terrific!

Hits home

In times like these, who isn’t reevaluating their path forward? This podcast gives us a taste of what could be, from those who have been at that “fork in the road” moment. Christa has an easy charm and is able to tease out insightful revelations from her guests. Looking forward to the next ones! Martin

So Interesting!!

With just 4 episodes, I’m hooked! This inspired idea of pivoting to interesting careers is such an interesting concept, new favorite podcast! when the next episode comes out, I will be the first to listen!


Great show hosted by a talented interviewer! Interesting insight into exciting careers. Stories are told by the individuals highlighting the path they took to achieve their dream jobs. A must listen!


What a great perspective—that you can achieve your dreams no matter what stage of life you’re in. Christa is enjoyable to listen to and asks the questions I’m thinking!

Polished and professional

Just finished the first (of hopefully many) episode with DJ April. Christa is polished and professional, an absolute pro. Plus her voice is so easy on the ears. :) Can’t wait to hear more from “pivoting” guests.

A must listen

Such a great and unique idea and so important given the changing market landscape and everything going on. Whether you are happy with what you do or want to totally change it up. Whether you are deep into your career or just starting out. Christa gets to the core notions of how and why her guests made the moves they made. And in a really entertaining way. Can’t wait for more.

A Knock-out!

Christa’s new podcast is a knock-out! She brings her tremendous talents as an anchor and interviewer to give us stories that we really want to listen to! Just a great series!

This is great!

Wow! This is awesome and so informative. Thank you for covering this information. Its truly splendid to watch.

I’m hooked

After listening to just 3 episodes I’m not only hooked on this series but I’m more motivated and inspired than ever to discover my true passion and turn it into a career. Thank you for doing this show!

So excited!

Super excited for this new show with Christa. Looking forward to discovering exciting new careers and perspectives from those who do them!