Season 2 Now Streaming!

You have to listen!!

This is a good and easy listen, and you usually learn something new.


I love the motivational stories of careers that come from the heart. Wonderful inspirations from all the guests!

Too Good

If you are frustrated with life and have no goals, you can listen to Bucket list Careers podcasts. Your life will change. You can be confident in yourself. Love you, Christa Lauri for making this great content. Keep it up.


Great that's all I can say. Simply great.

Jeff Provenzano

Great interview, Christa!


Career Reinvention….. fascinating pivots and insights! Great interview Christa!

Emily Shaules - Invisible Illness

A powerful, fascinating storyline! Great guest, Christa!

Daniel Snead

Grassroot Marketing. Valuable tips for young, developing entrepreneurs! Great interview.

80s obsessed Chris Clews

As another totally 80s fan I really enjoyed this episode with Chris Clews. The conversation and banter between Christa and her guest was interesting, fun, and inspirational (as are all of her podcasts) and thought the business lessons were spot on. I loved all the 80s movie references (hey what about “Risky Business” and “Karate Kid” ?? Lol) and wished I could have joined the conversation. Great job Christa and Chris, looking forward to more Bucket List Career episodes.

Joanna Rein

A must listen, fascinating success story! Loved it!


What an inspiring podcast. Loved listening through these interviews for motivation on my own entrepreneurial journey. Christa does an amazing job as a podcaster and her show is a must listen!!!

Very inspiring!!!

These stories make me feel as though I can peruse my dream job.

The best podcast!

My favorite podcast and the only one I listen to loyally every week! The best!

So much VALUE

“Good, bad, who knows” - will be living with that phrase from here on out. So good!

Love this podcast

Both entertaining and informative! I love the detail they get into and Lauryns micro-level questions.

So good!

I’m always looking for something new to listen to and TSC always has informative guests who speak on a wide variety of topics. There’s so much conversation, banter, and humor it makes you feel like you’re in the room with everyone.

This podcast

It’s really enjoyable

BEST real, honest, educational & inspiring

Skinny confidential is hands down my favorite podcast... I love the variety of topics, influential stories, real conversations! I learn so much every time I listen and feel like I’ve taken away so many tips/ tricks that I now leverage in my life. This podcast is GOLDDDDD

I love the STORIES

From someone that loves to listen stories… This podcast is IT!! I enjoy hearing how people have been able to pivot into the careers they love!! Christa is a fantastic host and has the voice for it too!! 5 stars from me!!

good podcast


Inspirational and Riveting

From the minute I started listening to Bucket List Careers, I was hooked. Not only are the career changes of the guests fascinating and varied but they are all inspirational in different ways! The host, Christa Lauri, uses her amazing interviewing skills to tease out wonderful personal journeys from her guests and her wit constantly entertains. Always excited for the next episode to drop!

Dr. Brian Giordano

A riveting interview! Granted a closer look at the intricacies of the medical practices. A fascinating intellectual/personal “ping-pong”! Thank you Christa👍👏


One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

Christa goes Solo!

A dynamic review of ‘21, with overtones of fascinating personal touches! Cheers to more of the same in ‘22, can’t wait Christa!👍👏

Kate Velasquez

Loved this interview, insightful, can’t wait for Kate’s cookbook to be published! Thanks Christa!

Stephanie Hoover Asher

Loved the insights, great interview, Christa!

Geri Page Butner

Geri provides effective tools to empower potential entrepreneurs, very insightful and interesting! Thanks Christa!

Rob Johnson

A real estate sales success story! Insights into „re-fashioning“ (mobile) the traditional approach, a sign of the times! Loved it!

Mandy DiMarzo

An athlete! From suffering from an eating disorder to lighting the way to the ultimate workout, with a message behind it! Need to watch her workouts! Passionate tale! Thanks Christa

Shane Sam

A revolutionary concept, a mission! A fascinating account. Great interview, Christa