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Nov. 17, 2022

Christa's Takeaways: Flipping The Worn Out Script of "Find Your Passion"

Christa's Takeaways: Flipping The Worn Out Script of

Some of the most common words of career advice are follow your passion to find success. But if it were that simple, wouldn’t everyone be fulfilled in their careers?

Is it counterproductive to fixate on finding your passion?  Or is your passion already in your day to day and you're just ignoring its ability to be transformed into a career? Some experts say the problem many face is not a scarcity of passion for something. The problem is a lack of productivity, perception and acceptance.  This "Christa's Takeaways" episode explores why many of us get sidetracked by the search for something that is most likely right in front of us. And she focuses on how to identify and redirect your mindset to recognize that the real problem isn’t passion - it’s priorities.