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Jan. 19, 2023

Pushing Back Against "New You" Resolutions with Christine Meyer

Pushing Back Against

This special coaching episode talks about flipping the script on New Year's resolutions, especially in the career change space, and why they often fall apart!

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With the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions estimated to be 80%, with most people giving up by mid-February, there’s a high likelihood you may have already hit a wall of discouragement.  Whether your resolution was to hit the gym, start that new YouTube channel, or find your dream job, many of us who resolve to change and fall short are left to question "what went wrong"? In this conversation, life coach and master of career pivots, Christine Meyer breaks down why we should not consider an abandoned resolution to be a failure.  Is it you falling short or is the flaw in the tradition and mindset of a New Year’s resolution itself? Christine also sheds some valuable light on how to redesign your approach to constructive, realistic and sustainable change through new yearintentions versus resolutions!

Christine Meyer is an executive life coach and author of "Keep It Simple, Smartypants! Stop Overthinking. Start Aligning. Live Happy".  Since 2002 it's been her mission to empower, educate and uplift.  She coaches the ultra successful people (who you'd think wouldn't need a coach) to dream even bigger, reach beyond their limitations and know themselves from the inside-out, which allows them to move through life confidently and happily, while making the impact they want to make.  Her clients include Obama speech writers, impact-driven serial entrepreneurs, Emmy Award winners, best-selling authors, multi-million dollar investors, founders of profit and non-profit companies, popular radio personalities and leaders of change. A sought-after podcast guest and founding member and regular contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council, her second book will be out in 2024.